Concrete Protection & Restoration


Structural Restoration

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof Repair
  • High Rise Balcony Facade Repair
  • Structural Steel Repairs
  • Garage Coating
Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof Repair1 High Rise Balcony Facade Repair2 Structural Steel Repairs3 Garage Coating4


"I want to take this opportunity to express my considerable personal satisfaction for the work your team accomplished at Huntington Club. Of course, the job is done and everything looks magnificent. I believe this is a project to which you can proudly refer prospective clients."

Howard J. Cihak, CMCA, AMS, PCAM General Manager

"The CPR crew was on time each work day and all members were professional and pleasant. The site managers were exceptional in their ability to handle the variety of problems that arose to include but not limited to, dealing with individual owners when needed to answer questions or solve special situations."

Laura DeWitt,
Board President

Welcome To Concrete Protection & Restoration

Our mission is to provide the best repair solution for your application at the best value.

Concrete Protection & Restoration (CPR) supplies the commercial, industrial, and public markets with the highest quality concrete structural restoration services technologically available.

The principals of CPR bring over sixty-five (65) years of comprehensive concrete repair and protection experience to the organization.

Services Offered by CPR

From foundation stabilization, to repair of structural elements, including strengthening or protection after the repair, CPR should be your first call.

We offer a wide variety of construction services. The scope of services offered by CPR include concrete surface repairs, structural strengthening, stabilization, waterproofing, concrete protection systems, hydrodemolition, shotblasting, post-tension repairs and geotechnical services for all types of structures including high rise buildings, bridges, parking structures, water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as diverse industrial facilities.

Why Choose CPR?

Our superior technical experience and commitment to innovation urges us to recognize value engineering strategies where changes in detailing may be effective from both a quality and economic aspect. A properly maintained concrete structure should provide a lifetime of beneficial service. Partial or full depth removal of damaged or deteriorating concrete can restore the structure to long term service life. Furthermore, we work closely with design specialists and the largest specialty restoration product manufacturers to provide cutting-edge solutions to diverse challenges.


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