102 W. Penn


102 West Pennsylvania Avenue


Location: Towson, MD

Engineer: Morabito Consultants Inc.

Owner: Mid-Atlantic Properties

The Royston Building, located at 102 West Pennsylvania Avenue in Towson MD, is a 50,000 square foot, 6-story office building built in 1964. The primary focus of this project surrounded the buildings one level, elevated, parking deck, which was originally constructed out of Dox-Plank. Dox plank, primarily used in construction in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s are machine-made, prefabricated, modular units of pre-cast concrete with light weight aggregate, made of low strength, hollow core block, bonded together using deformed steel bars grouted into hollow cores.


The 7,000 square foot deck exhibited advanced signs of water infiltration; as moisture bypassed a thin, asphalt topping, leaking through an old deteriorated waterproofing system, down into the dox plank deck. Full replacement of the parking deck in lieu of patch repair was decided on as a way to cut down on the future maintenance needed at this property. In place of the old dox plank, a new ten-inch post tension slab was designed and installed. Once cured, a new urethane membrane was applied to further protect the new structure.


In addition to the rear parking deck, 2,800 square feet of pedestrian walkways were also repaired. A 4” topping slab and waterproofing membrane were removed, and a new bonded overlay was poured back in its place. Ownership also elected to coat several thousand feet of concrete walls, beams, and columns around the property as well as install 600 linear feet of new African Mahogany wood railings. New concrete curbs were poured along the perimeter of the 1st floor of the building which will ensure water stays away from the 48 new windows that were also installed as a part of this project. Finally, all new surface mounted conduit and LED light fixtures were ran throughout the lower level of the garage adding the final touch to this complete garage renovation.