3 Bethesda Metro Center



Location: Washington, D.C. 

Project Size: $7,053,075 

Owner: Brookfield Properties

Engineer: Smislova, Kehnemui & Associates (SK&A)

Project Duration: 2.5 years

3 Bethesda Metro Center is a 368,000 square foot office building located in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland. The 16-story building has balconies on the upper floors, a large brick plaza, and many great amenities including a fitness center and lounge. Located on the 7th Street retail corridor, 3 Bethesda Metro Center is within walking distance of restaurants, retail stores, museums, and more. Perhaps most notable is its proximity to the Bethesda metro station on the Red Line, which services over 9,000 passengers daily.

This project addressed repairs in the building’s expansive garage, Metro bus terminal, various stairwells, air shafts, and ramps. The garage exhibited visual spalling to the extent that prompted wall-to wall hydro on the entire 1
st two levels of the garage. Once complete, all concrete surface in the garage were coated with a vehicular, urethane coating membrane. Concrete and waterproofing repairs on the Metro Bus loop were coordinated with WMATA to ensure the regularly scheduled bus routes were unaffected as work progressed over a 6-month period. All loading docks and ramps had complete removal and replacement of their concrete topping slabs and hot applied waterproofing.

This two and half year long project consisted of 164 different work items including the following notable repairs:

  • 121,000 square feet of wall-to-wall partial depth hydro demolition and install of new concrete slab
  • 39,000 square feet of full depth hydro demo
  • 22,000 square feet of hydro demo patch repair
  • 9,000 square feet of waffle slab repair
  • 356,000 square feet of urethane traffic coating system
  • 178,000 square feet of corrosion inhibitor application
  • 60 new drain install locations and 2,400 linear feet of new piping
  • 1,000 linear feet of new pipe rail fencing
  • 2,500 linear feet of expansion joint removal and re-installation
  • 12,000 square feet hot applied waterproofing
  • Over 500,000 square feet of new soffit, wall, and column paint with color banding