Aberdeen Arms



Location: Highland Beach, FL 

Project Size: $1,245,000.00

Owner: Aberdeen Arms Association, Inc.

Engineer: Karin’s Engineering Group, Inc.


Aberdeen Arms is a mid-rise condominium building built in 1971, located in-between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean on the West side of A1A in Highland Beach, Florida. The structure is comprised of conventionally reinforced concrete slabs supported by beams, columns, and concrete masonry walls. The tower rises 10 floors and has approximately 117 units. A ramp along the property’s southern boundary leads to the elevated deck which supports both pedestrian and vehicular use.  Concrete masonry walls separate the owner patios from the parking deck. On the north side, there are fenced-in patios outside the individual units and a walkable courtyard leading to stairs and dock access. 


Global expansion joint failures and various waterproofing breaches that required remediation were observed on the building at the elevated decks and courtyard above the garage.  Active water intrusion was occurring at the expansion joints of the structure, jeopardizing the integrity of the concrete and causing water to intrude into the parking garage below.  Concrete spalls and rusted rebar were observed on the soffit, beams and columns of the structure.


The scope of work included removing the existing sand set pavers, failed waterproofing, drain replacement, new drain installations, concrete repair, new expansion joints, hot-applied waterproofing and sand set pavers.  Upon removal of the sand set pavers on the north side, the fence dividing the individual units was found to be deteriorated and in poor condition.  As a result, it was chosen to be removed and replaced with new kynar coated aluminum rails.  New planter walls were built along the south patios, providing the residents with increased privacy.   The failed cementitious coating at the entrance ramp was removed and replaced with a urethane coating and moisture barrier.