AVA Ballston



Location: Arlington, VA 

Owner: Avalon Bay Properties

Engineer: Smislova, Kehnemui & Associates

Project Duration: 11 months

The AVA Ballston Apartment building is a 10-story high-rise, post tensioned building with approximately 344 units constructed in 1989. Visible signs of structural distress in the forms of spalling and delamination had occurred on the balcony slabs due to their embedded railings. Water infiltration was present along the building façade due to lack of proper flashing details. Additionally, damaged mortar joints and façade masonry in conjunction with deteriorated sealants were aiding water infiltration affecting the long-term integrity of the building.


Work-scope repairs included installation of new surface mounted railings, repairing all damaged concrete and post-tension components, removal and replacement of all sealants, and installation of pedestrian traffic coatings on all balcony slabs to ensure concrete repair longevity. Along the entire façade through wall flashings were installed, damaged facade masonry and joints were repaired, and all sealants and vertical expansion joints were replaced.