MacArthur Boulevard


MacArthur Boulevard Garage and Structural Steel Repairs


Location: Bethesda, MD

Engineer: Tate, Shahbaz & Associates P.C.

Project Duration: 4 months

6106 MacArthur Blvd is a 2-story office building with a half-level below used for parking.  Located in Bethesda, MD less than a mile from the DC line, the building sits on a steep hill with the east corner of the building on-grade and the parking garage on west side of the structure being cast-in-place concrete slab supported by structural steel framing on the hill.  After years of rain/weather exposure combined with poor drainage and lack of a protective coating on the steel members, the steel beams along the west side of the building showed signs of corrosion and there was evidence of settlement within the brick façade.  A structural engineer was contacted to perform an inspection of the structure, and it was determined that work needed to be done to reinforce the steel beams and protect them from further damage.  A repair scope was developed which included:


  1. Demo and remove brick parapet walls and column jackets supported by the slab edge
  2. Demo existing concrete slab edge to expose top side of structural steel beams
  3. Sandblast to remove all corrosion rust on steel beams and columns
  4. Install/weld supplemental steel plates and angles to reinforce steel framing
  5. Paint all structural steel with protective epoxy coating
  6. Re-build concrete slab edge and brick parapet walls/columns
  7. Perform partial and full depth concrete repairs to elevated garage slab
  8. Apply Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment to elevated slab
  9. Install polyurethane vehicular waterproof membrane & repaint parking lines