Poff Federal Building


Poff Federal Building Garage Rehabilitation


Location: Roanoke, VA 

Owner: U.S. General Services Administration

General Contractor: Hoar Construction

Engineer: McMullan & Associates, Inc.

Project Duration: 14 months

The Poff Federal Building, located in Roanoke, Virginia, is a 14-story high-rise building that houses 400 to 500 government employees as well as offices for the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Circuit Court.  The parking garage, located at 210 Franklin Road SW in Roanoke, Virginia, is located on the backside of the building.

Weathering over the last 40+ years had taken its toll on the Poff Federal Building parking garage. Visual spalling and deterioration in the concrete sparked concerns regarding the structural integrity of the garage. The scope of the project consisted of the following:

  • Perform 32,000 square feet of wall to wall hydro-demolition and install a new concrete overlay.
  • Perform 5,000 square feet of full depth repairs.
  • Full beam and column replacement.
  • Vertical/Overhead Corrosion Inhibitor Treatment.
  • Installation of new concrete stairs.
  • Other miscellaneous concrete repairs including wall repairs, expansion joint replacement, chemical grout injection, slab on grade, beam and column repairs.
  • Installation of a traffic bearing membrane on the top deck.