Queen’s Landing



Location: Chester, MD 

Owner: The Queens Landing Condominium, Council of Unit Owners, Inc.

Engineer: Thomas Downey, LTD

Project Duration: 3 Years

Queen’s Landing is a waterfront condominium community comprised of approximately 349 units located on Kent Island in Chester, MD. Water infiltration had occurred at a large percentage of windows and doors on various units due to lack of flashing details and improper EIFS installation. CP&R was responsible for restorative work on 21 occupied multi-unit buildings. 


Work-scope repairs included removal and replacement of EIFS along building facades, removal and replacement of damaged exterior sheathing, removal and replacement of windows and doors, and installation of proper flashing details at fenestrations and new EIFS locations. Condominium decks were reconstructed and coated to ensure longevity. New hydrophobic façade coatings and sealants were installed on all buildings.