Singer Island Hilton



Location: Singer Island, FL

Owner: Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Engineer: Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc.



This eight story hotel building is approximately twenty three years old. The building frame consists of post-tension concrete slabs supported by reinforced concrete columns. The main building has rectangular and curved shaped balconies on all four elevations. The balcony slabs are approximately 5 1/2” thick and have embedded aluminum handrail posts near the edges. The top portion of the balcony slabs and balcony slab edges have a urethane coating with aggregate. There was damaged balcony slabs on all elevations, east, north, south, and west elevation tiers.



  • Full depth and partial depth surface concrete repairs
  • Reinforcing steel repair and slab edge repair
  • Post-tension cables and anchors repairs as well as replacement of severely corroded tendons with new 1/2” diameter tendons.
  • Post-tension anchors coating and replacement with new epoxy coated anchors
  • Handrail post repairs and coating of balcony slab surfaces