Tyson’s Corner Marriott



Location: Vienna, VA  

Owner: MTC Hotel TRS LLC

Engineer: Construction Insights Inc.

Project Duration: 

The Tyson’s Corner Marriott property consists of a 15-story high hotel situated on five acres off Leesburg Pike in Virginia. Built in 1979, this hotel has 396 rooms, almost 10,000 square feet of meeting & event space, and a recreational pool. There a two-level parking garage which offers on-site parking. The first level of the garage is open air with a portion directly under the hotel’s meeting space. A ramp takes you down to the enclosed, on grade second level. The base contract consisted of the following repair items:

  • 5000 SF of Partial and Full Depth Hydro Demolition Patch Repairs
  • Full Depth Laundry Room Repairs
  • Overhead, Vertical, SOG concrete repairs
  • Expansion Joint Installation
  • 20,000 SF of coating removal and full system install
  • 30,000 SF of Re-coat


As the project progressed additional repairs were added to the scope due to the deteriorating conditions around the property:

  • Full Depth Kitchen Closet Repairs and new Epoxy Flooring
  • 2,000 SF of topping slab removal and replacement at hotel sidewalk
  • 2,000 SF of hot apply installation at sidewalk with WP turndown at foundation wall
  • Partial and Full depth repairs at Loading Dock
  • New Traffic Membrane at Loading Dock
  • Remove existing parging in Vent Shaft and apply new elastomeric coating on CMU walls