Waterside Towers Plaza


Parking Structure and Plaza Deck Restoration Project


Location: Washington, DC

Owner: UDR

Engineer: B Squared Engineering, LLC

Project Duration: 30 months

Waterside Towers is located in the Southwest Quadrant of Washington DC. The complex is comprised of three residential apartment towers, eighteen townhome apartments, a motor court and a centrally located parking garage structure. A pedestrian plaza is located above the garage. The plaza deck is accessed from two of the towers as well as from the motor court which is located one level below the plaza.  The townhome entrances are accessed from the plaza deck.


The scope of this project involved the structural rehabilitation of the pedestrian plaza above the garage, the motor court level of the garage and the basement level of the garage. The removal of the overburden and replacement of the waterproofing system of the plaza area was also included. All expansion joint glands were replaced at the plaza and suspended garage slab levels. During the course of the project, the work area and scope of work was expanded, to include the garage area under the motor court and the garage area under the townhouses.


The objective of the project was to complete the structural repairs, which would create some inconvenience to the residents, in the least disturbing manner. At the completion of the structural repairs and waterproofing work, a new outdoor space for the residents’ use would be created at the plaza level.


Awards: ICRI Baltimore-Washington Chapter 2018 Project of the Year – 1st Place