Leak/Waterstop Repairs

This specialized service addresses and rectifies issues related to leaks and compromised waterstops in concrete structures. Leaks, caused by cracks, voids, or deteriorated waterstops, can lead to structural damage, reduced integrity, and potential safety hazards. Concrete CPR uses advanced techniques and high-quality materials to identify and repair these issues effectively, ensuring your structure is safeguarded against water infiltration and its detrimental effects.


Large structures run an increased risk of water ingress impacting their structural stability and longevity. Be it commercial buildings, parking structures, or industrial facilities, these structures are more susceptible to water-related damage owing to their scale and exposure. Our Leak & Waterstop Repair services provide a fortified structure that is resilient against water-induced deterioration. Not only does this protect the integrity of the concrete, but it also safeguards the investment in the long-term, reducing the need for extensive repairs and enhancing the overall durability of the structure.

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